. If you need assistance, please call on 01905 820430. Please do not come to reception or
                            manager’s accommodation.
                          . Your caravan should only be used by members of the same group
                          . There are to be no social gatherings with friends
                          . No visitors will be allowed access to the park
                          . A reminder that ‘holiday use only’ conditions continue to apply
                          . The government social distance is to be maintained at all times from other owners
                          . The government social distance is to be maintained at all times from park team
                            members and all visitors to the park
                          . Where there are narrow paths please give way/allow other park members to
                            complete their route before entering such paths.
                          . Please report symptoms of feeling unwell if coronavirus suspected immediately to
                            staff via the telephone number above
                          . Any third-party food deliveries to the park must be collected outside the entrance gate
                          . Please bring essential shopping items such as soap, hand gel, gloves, toilet roll,
                            disinfectant, hand sanitizer
                          . Please wear disposable gloves when using the communal skip
                          . We advise that you bring your own supplies of food and drink to reduce reliance and
                            congestion in local shops
                          . Local relationships are important to us all and some are understandably 
                            apprehensive about the potential impacts of returning visitors; they will need
                            reassurance demonstrated by your thoughtfulness. 
                         . please show consideration for the local community.
                         . please respect social distance in all contacts outside the park.
                         . all park users will be required to follow the rules and park staff will be ensuring the
                          new rules are being followed.  Failure to comply with your fair and reasonable park
                          rules may be a breach of the customer’s agreement with the park. 
                        . referral to Public Health England basic guidance

                          SOME REMINDERS:
                        . where an annual gas safety check is required it should be carried out as soon as
                           possible if overdue
                        . flush through water systems to clear out stagnant water, especially shower heads
                          which should be held away from the face to avoid inhaling spray
                        . Please note as the law evolves and, hopefully, the pandemic is brought under closer
                         control, this advice will be reviewed.
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