Important Notices

Important Notices

Please take the time to read the information below
Re, Coronavirus
Update regarding the coronavirus as of 24th March 2020.

These are unprecedented times. We all have a responsibility to consider not just ourselves but

to the people of our country, the local community and on this park.

We are having to make decisions and take actions which were unimaginable a few weeks ago.

We have closed/are closing with immediate effect all facilities on the park. Park staff are 

expected to self-isolate as they are not key workers. Therefore problems that occur on the

park such as power outages, sewerage issues, water issues and gas deliveries cannot be 

guaranteed to be resolved.

Thank goodness for the announcements of support which have come from Government which

should help us to be ready to resume business just as soon as this crisis passes; we will be 

making every effort to ensure our staff are looked after during this period.

We are speaking to all tourer customers to ask them to stay away and to offer alternative

dates when this crisis is over.

The Government gave us all a very clear instruction last night. The message was very clear

that holiday and touring parks must not stay open for business as usual. 

The time for you to leave in a safe and orderly way is now. 

If there is any reason why you cannot leave, you need to discuss that with us now.

Over the last 24 hours there has been an increasing and understandable concern in local

communities towards holiday visitors. The governments clear guidance is that there must be 

no unnecessary or non-essential travel. 

We ask owners who are not on the park not to come here, and if you are on the park please go

home. We are following the Governments guidance so closing to protect you and a wider


I urge you to co-operate at this difficult time please. 

We hope you all stay safe at this time and look after yourself and others.

Thank you. 
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